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to look a an extraordinary effort by the u.s. military to save lives in t middle of the war, welcome aboard anir amlance. >>> d germanyants a million ectric vehiclesn the road by 2020. we'll plug you in on how they plan to do it. >>> fromhe world's leading reporters and analyst here's what's happeni from around the rld. this is "worfocus." made possible, in pa, by th following funder-- major support ha also been provided bthe peter g. peterson foundatio dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibity dddressing key economic allenges facing america's future. >> gd evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> if youoke up this mning and turnedn the news you might have felt a sense of discouragement aut what you were hring outf afghanistan and iraq. more tha5,000 american trps have die in those two countries nce troops were ployed to afghanistan in the fall of 2001 and iraq in e spring of 2003. and huneds of billions of dollars have been ent but all the years later neher country tonighseems especially secu. we'll take youo afanistan in a moment. there was more vience there day on t eve ofational elecons
, in ias-- seekng, teaching, building. fueling growth around e world to move us all ahead. thisis the power of human energy. chevron. the national science undation. supporng education and research across all fiel of science and gineering. and with the ongoingupport of these institions and foundations and... this programas made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by ctributions to your pbs station from viewers li you. thank >> lehrer: iraq was hiwith a new wave of bombings todayhat killed at ast 48 people. re than 250 others were wound. the attacks were the lest to target shiites, andhey raised fears that wideread sectarian iolence will erupt again. we have a report narred by nathan rugman of independen televisn news. >> cominiraq and the regn. about 107 wounded. the shiite village, a similar attack on loc shiites only last friday. the -- in northern iraq a full day of attacks. in baghdad bombings day, in reas where shiites were. the past earlier two explosions. >> gatherng her what did pple do to deserve this. >> reporter: t prime minist, only lasweek the main roads er
after the e of 50, if you're en to learning and change. >>ll of us at this point, to someegree i think are on a search for mningfulness, for purposulness. we want to find at this next 25 years, this in fa penultimatchapter of our life, isoing to be about. >> moyers: and a phographer rns our mass consumption int a thing of buty and a warning about e fate of the earth. >> this one is called pltic bottles, and it picts two million plasc bottles, the number wuse in the united states every five minutes. stay tuned. ptioning sponsored by public affairs televion >> moyer welcome to the journal. th is that time of year when public televisn asks you to go to your phone or computeand make a pledge to this ation. more than er, it can use your helpn these very difficult economic times th week, as we often do during pledge drives, by popular request we're bringingack one of youfavorite broadcasts, this one with a remarkable scholar and story ller who has some important insights out owing older... and old. ere are 76 million of us in what the noted educator ra laence-lightfoot calls "the third chapt
the pple who suorted us. we n need to fight and work hard. >> hungry forchange, the japanese turned out in droves. 70% of eligible voters cast ballot. >> we needhange to break the current situation in japan, just li the united stas, we need chge. >> in tokyo, oly heavy rains from ayphoon stopped more people fromaking it to a lling booth. within minutes ofhe poll's closin it was clr that the oppositi had swept to power in alandslide. for the primminister taro o, the election p an e to an 11-month reign fnked by verbal gaffes and public paralysis. >> ifeel it was my fate to take this electn loss. i acce it. >> japan w hit by the perfect economic and polital stor >>people sufring unemploymen at a recd hi. sohat was a big fact. the otr factor was the opposition h become electable afr being quite symbolic througthe 19s. >> the son of aoreign minister and e grandson of a prime minier, yukio hatama comes from a political familyoften called the kennedys of japan. he's prising revotionary change including fe high scol education, a higher mimum wage and a $320 a month child care allowance. transl
. translator: we give 100% asurance to e peopleandahar to take part in the ections, and iant people to help us prevent any incidents ppening. >>eporter: never before would you see afgn police patrolng in american humvees. authorits are confident the taliban won' be able to sp voters from heading to lling station. >> in casesomething happened, those will be i.d.s. which a difficult. oromeporadic shooting fr outside of the city like from the distris but also we want toinimize those whene send forces to the district as well. >> rorter: the facr naeshing districts of kandahar cityave a strong taliban presenc and thursday's voting day will show justow tight the noose is around this capital. ina kandahar. >>> next door in helmand province offensive by amican and briti troops has been under way for while. one immiate goal is toush ba the taliban so that more pele can vote thursday buts lindsay hill som, after cades of warfare. remains skeptical about the motives the foreign troopsand fearful of their own safety. >> reporter: coming into lanin what the british call a liberated area. seized fro the tal
and then still outrage. which came. >> reporter: most of the ckerbie bombing were american and on u.s. television st night th condemnationf th isoner release was clear, before al megrahi even arrived home the sta department it announced it had put pssure on the libyan government. >> i think obviously in light of the release, we have had a number of conversations th the vernment of bya. obviousl he will move back to lia, and we certaiy believe that as a convicted criminal, he's not entled to a ho's welcome. >> reporter: dlomatelations between libyand the u. which had en improving cod be threened by these scenes. this year is t 40th anniversary of t al fatah revotion in lib and colonel gadhafi is clear using al megrahi retu as a propaganda coupe despite the fact that this man is a convict murder who is termally ill and expected to die within three month >> that was mes blake of itn reporting. >>the british aren't just talking about w unhappy they e about the way the libyans handleali al megrahi's return home. they may be prepared to sothing about it. prce andrew, the duke of york, had been expected
for unkers and what are they buying; ana science story about using orensic testing to determine t age of ivory tus. major funng for the newsur with jim lehreis provided by: >> what e world needs now is energy. thenergy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle allenges like clite change. what is that energy ce from an energyompany? everyday, chevron invests $6 million in people, iideas-- seeking,eaching, building. fueling growth ound the world toove us all ahead. this is t power of human energy. chevn. intl. supporting matand science edution for tomorrow's innovators. the atlantic ilanthropies. and with thongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made poible by the corpation for publicroadcasting. and by contributis to your pbs stion from viewers like you. thank you. >> woruff: the u.s. senate confirmed sonia sotomar to the nation's highest court today e federal appeals judge will now come the first hispanic justice and thehird woman to s on the united states suprem court. jefey brown has our lead story report. >> on this vote the yays
stor meeting between hamid kaai and the u.s. special envoy. >>> in japan employment sores on the eve of national elecons there. a youth movement sweeping t country and the part that has ruled japa for decades may be on the way t. >>> in sub-saharanfrica malaria stl kills more than a million people a year. now comes hope of a vaccin that could save countss lives. >>> and sailing so. tonit, a look at two teens and their quest to go aroun the worl alone. in briin, it's considered a challenge. in holland, it could be a se of child abuse. >> from the world's leadg rerters and analysts, here's what happening from around the world. this is "worldfocu" made possible in part by t followg funders -- major suort has also been provided by the ter g. peters foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal rponsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america' futu. >>> good eveni. i'm martinavidge. >>> we are going to start tonight th afghanistan, where the death of a u.s. soldier today made this the deadliest month of the eighyear war for american forces. 45 u. troops have been killed so fa
>>> tonight on "worldfoc" "worldfos" "worldfocus" -- >> u.s. secretary of state hiary clinton pledges to expand america's suppo for somalia's weak interim government. > americans may be busy trading their clunkers for new cars. in theest african nation of benin,e show you the booming business tt brings new lifeto d automobiles. >>spy in the sky. israel launches new kindf surveillance play th can go from backpacto front lines in just minutes. >>> and py poor latvi crusd by the econom doturn, it's snoufring a new problem, british bhelors gone wild >>> good eveningi'm martin savid savidge. it's been quite a ek for clinton mily, with bill clinton capturing headlinesn north korea thlast two days. today it was hillary clion in africa. e secretary of state was talking tough about islamic extremists in somia and offering toxpand and extend american support to that very tenuous government in that country. sh said the militant there see somalias a futureaven for glob terrorism. in tonight's lead focus,we look at clinton visit to africa and its goa. on t second full d of her african our,
, a the siliconvalley mpany nsulting with the government in the battle against terrosm. >> and whawe do ise use what legal scholars call predicate basesearch so we wouldook at you and thewe would goout and say oh tre is are lots of different ings in your life that may b indative of someone involved in bad behavi, but itould als also be very clear how the government looked at you it wouldn't be a wide net cast into a sea of data that bringsback all of our, all of the innocent citizens that are touched by that net, it would be a very precise, very precise operaon and eachtep that operation is documend. >> d also from silicon valley the race to produce electric carse tawld with elon tusk, the ceo of tesla motors. >> we are not paying for the cost of the co2conzen flation the ocean and atmohere andnot paying for allf these auxiliary wars a the other ings at the gasumps, you fectively have a sudsy difficult taking pce at the gapump because of that and the only way to bridge that is th innovation. is to try to makelectric cars better, sooner than they wod otherwise be. >> charlie: arogramming note. my int
captning sponsored by wpbt paul: u.s. stocks take it o the chin with the dow posting its biggest drop in ov a month, down 2% at has some wondering if the summerally's over or just taking a breather. >> jeff:oday's selling started in asia and spread arounthe globe, despi japan's emergence from recession. glal markets strategist stu schweitzer joins us r a look at the b picture. just to be on the safe sid we decided not tkill any engines shred any cars until the government funds the program. d pays for it. >> paul: sam mansouri'among thousands of car dealers waing on a "cash forlunkers" payday d wondering what's nexfor the industry >> jeff: then, shares of lows get nailed, faing 10% as the home impvement retailer's latest earnings miss the mar and it pulls bk on expansion pls. >> paul: i'm paul kaas. >> jeff: and'm jeff yastine. sie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly busines report" for mond, august 17. "nightly business report" is made possib by: this program was me possible byontributions to your pbs station from viewe like you. thk you. >> jeff: good eveng, everyone. stoc
preferred form of plastic in the u.s. surpassingredit card transactionsor the first time ever. but as stephanie dhue reports, for consums, the trend has its pluses and minuses. >>eporter: josh clark is among the increasing number americans who are choosingebit er credit. he made the swit three months ago, after ming out his credit card while srting a designer jean busines >> iealized if i put something on my credit card, i'm goingo be ping interest on it until i can fully pay it. >> reporr: tight credit is also encouraging more debit rd use. and consums are using it to manage their money. clark says it helps him contl spending. >> i check my bank accnt more frequently than check my creditard account, so i'm more in tune with howuch money i ve to spend. >> reporter: as debicard use surpasses creditards that presents newhallenges for both consumerand regulators. bit cards come with fewer ilt-in protections. consumer advocate ed mierzwiki warns in thease of a lost or stolen card numberthe debit card holder n be on the hook for much more than if credit card were us. >> the maximum
>> abernethy: welcome. i'm boabernethy. good to ve you with us. ligious leaders across the spectrum were among tse offering tribus after the eath of senator edward kenne this week. sever faith groups praised his upport for healthcare reforms a moral issuend his work on poverty, immigration and ciil rights. kennedyas a roman catholic who advocated strict separati of church and state. he somemes took stands that conicted with the teachings of his church, such as s support for abortion rights. but he also sided with the church on many cial justice issues. boston cardinal se o'malley issued a statement sayin knedy was quote "often a champion for the po, the less founate and those seeking a better life." the world's more than one- billion mlims are celebrating their holy month of ramada it's a time of datime fasting and ecial prayers. in many parts the world, muslims are conducting spial ramadan chari projects. president obama recorded a deo message wishing muslis well during this sacretime. >> fasting is a concepshared by many faiths, includig my own christian faith,s a way of bring peop closer t
population growth, economistsigure the u.s. nee to create 130,000 jobs a month. in a recovy, the u.s. should create somhing like 300,000 to 400,00a month, enough to begin reducing unemployment significantly. that means t country won't recor the jobs lost to this ressiotier the year 24 at the earliest. economist an baker says it won't be easy to replace t jobsost because the recession has slammed housing and auto manufacturing, t sectors that usually ive the recovery in hiring. >> in the case of residentia constructionwe have enormous er-capacity. it's very difficult tomagine any significt increase in employment in that sectofor years to com in the case of autos, we canee increased dema, we probably will s increased demand, but a lot of that demand igoing to be for forgn cars right now. reporter: of course, the economy will entually create enough jobs to make up for tse lost in the grt recession. but those jobs maylso be in diffent industries and many of the spific jobs that went away, may never come back. darren gersh, "nhtly business rert", washington. >> paul: sellers took mmand on wall st
. apparently kild by a u.s. missile strike. will it bring an endo his campaign of violence? > we mark the anniversary of thebrief but brutal war between russia and georgia bruleft hundds dead. tonight we look a the lacy of anger that remains. > how they s it. toght, we g the british take on anmerican investnt bank, goldman sachs. s huge profts and big bonues in spi of a sputteri economy have some wondering out govement connections. >>> and hell on earth tonight, we take you t a sulfur mine in java where the workers get a god wage, b may be paying with thr health. >>> from the world's leang rerters and analysts, here is what's happeng from around the world. this is "worldfocus. made possibl in part, by the following funders -- >>> good eveningi'm martin savie. >>> for months, he was the top target of the cia and pakistan's military, baullah mehsud, the head ofhe taliban in pakistan. a notorious militt commander wh controlled a widearea of pakistan'snorthwest. a man whe organization kild ndreds of secuty force and civilian today a senio taliban commander ispps meddudend hisde wife had b
, because we have many kinds of vuss around us all the time. so while we have to say that it's possible tat thesewo or oter virus may mix and reult in a new virus, that's essential always the case. we can have such a enario y time. >> repoer: he says the risk diseases that jump from one specs to another has risen in rece decades, with dozens of example from e bow la t lyme disease. >> theestruction of forests are ohhe urbanizion of people, that'sreated new opportunies for new kinds of interaction betweenumans and animals. another is the ease with which people move aroundhe world w. there ve been so ma emergi diseases in the last few decad, we've seen dozens of new diseases. h.i.v. bng only one. most of which did result from a sprd of an organismrom he animal world to the human world. >> reporter:'leary sayst wille important to strike a balance, watching for early signs of outbreaks while voiding socially disruptive measur like shutting down th rit bird trade or shtting down the market. >> ifill: for more on how virus are transmitted from animals to huns and for a reporter's nebook on cambod
to do something about swine flu. we want the goverent to protect us both physically and ineasingly in re subtle ways against disease, climatic change. it is very difficult issue what do we want theovernment to do. if we ask people, they're mostly say they want the governme to stop doing all these things that do not affect us and start doing these things. i'll give youn example -- bananas are dying out. bees, littlhoney bees, w only have about half as my as we used t but we need them, becauseithouthem, there is no food. we have endangered spees in the waterways that are changi the nature of thos watways and the aquatics live them. but arthese your concerns? if they are, you what the government to do something about it. if youhink that is oy, then you do not. it is a hd call. the problem is not how my things the government does, t how many things -- how many under perfming people it uses to do it maybe w should wk on using - mang government mor efficient rather than making it smaller. i havone of the most important oadcasters in america we are going to me bk and have atriking conversatio
are perking up. we look at whether tt rising tide wilhelp lift the u.s. economy. >> susie: prospects for revery are definite lifting oil pric. crude continued its marchigher on hopes aecovery will bring with it a big boost in deman paul: "cash for clunkers" heads to history's sap heap but deals are getting a little extra time to cross thei"t's" and dot thr "i's". so what's next for the u.s. auto dustry? comi up, some answers from a noted analyst. >> susie: this recruit is trying to fi 300 positions buhe's swamped witthousands of reses. tonit, standing out in a crowded field of applicant >> paul: i paul kangas. >> susieand i'm susie gharib. this is nightly siness report fomonday, august 24. "nightly business repo" is made poible by: this program wasade possible contributions to your pbs stion from viewers like you. thank you. >>usie: good evening everyone. oil pric closed at a new high for the ye: $74.37 a barrel. in new york ading october crude futures ro 48 cents to settle just y of $75. prices have doubled since february. so what's eling the run-up: optimism about a gbal economic r
. >> reporter: this used to an aircraft, an for those who boarded as passengers, the was no way out. today e man concted of blowing a passenger jet into fragments and violently ending the lives of all 270eople on board, learned he ll be free to le out his remaining days in peace. >> it is my decisionthat mr. abdel sset al megrahi, convicted in 2001 for t lockbie bombing, now terminally ill with proste cancer be released on compassionate grounds and be allowed to returto libya to die. >> reporter: the dtruction of pan am flight 103 remains o of the bloodie terror attacks ever launch at the west and one which was iediately blamed on liby at the timef the lockerbie bombing, the naon was a pariah state, internaonally shunne accused of sponsoring terrorism. its leader a figure of ha in thewest. it was onlafter 15 yea of sanctions that liby finally admitted it carried out the bombinand paidompensation to victims' filies. and thin a year, tonyblair was visiting tripoli to show th relations were bk to rmal, a controversial al enabling prisoners to be trsferred between the nations was also ageed, and
of the american enterpre institute. >> one thing iran has done very well guably better than t u.s. isit hasad ry strong ties to each o e politicalarties. it has, u will finthe leaders of all the parties have visited iran. somef them have housesin tehr. there is a lot of linksith the kurds, with obviously with the shiites, the iranians, most of them shiites and with the suns. so iran is aonstant factor and in communicatn and very much on top ofwhat is going on in iraq. wi they influencet' it disproportionatelys what we can quite tell yet. >> in iraq after many long years of casualts and difficulties, there has been some success. and i think it'sthe goal now ought to be to consolidatthat succeed ses and also to use what leverage we haveo try to influence polical developments in the rit way and that involves arab issue but alsonvolves weighi in if we think there are abuses onthe part of t iraqi government and there is some concern tha it might be ving in a littleit of a authoritarian direction. >> i think the rolwe play is a role continng to encourage iqis not to use olence, using that term with a
for -- in darfur. thank you f ining us on bbc news. china expreesits strong opposition to the tainese invitation to the dalai lama. the isrli prime minister mets with the german chancellor. >> the bbcas uncoveremany cases corruptio involving iraqi security cases. the police and the ay i blamed for stoppg some mbings. it is believedhat corruption is undermining tir effectivens. just two months ago, they too over security in iraqs american troops plled back. the li or death qution, can they provehemselves on the job? >> a cama on iraq's foreign mintry catches a suice truck mber la week secon befor it admits. . -- it detonates. >> e iraqi serity forces should have done better job because there were clea instructions, no trucks should move in certain par of baghdad. >> is there re to come? >> i think that there is re to come. >> has left the security fullpolls. this businessman told us that he pays bribeto get his trucks throug quickly. -- mountain corrtion has let security fool holds -- full of holes. >> pice will search them. this i common all over t country. >> the problem wi the police is they
the ministration says clunker uchers will be good for future purchases >> you he to be really smart out how you use your money nowadays, so coming here, it a better way to ve money. >> suzanne: th's jennifer, and value is w she and millions of her freshman are staying clo to home for collegthis fall. >> paul: i'm paul kang. >> suzan: and i'm suzanne pratt. susie ghar is off tonight. this is "nightly busins report" fothursday, august 13. "nightlyusiness report" is made possible by: this progr was made possible by contributions to yourbs statn from viewers like you. thank you. >> suzanne: go evening, everyo. toy is the deadline for seven lae companies to submit their executive compensation planso the obama admistration's pay ar. tomoow, kenneth feinberg will begin reviewing the pay plan for the rms still on government life suort, including tigroup and g.m. feinberg has 60 days taccept or reject e proposals. joining me now wh his thoughts on the hotopic of executive compensaon is charles elson. is a professor at the university of delaware and director of thweinberg center for corporate governance. lco
own. many of us are apprehensive about government hlth-care because we did not know h it works in other cntries. we just wonder how wt will workere. part of that comes fro t experiens we have wh we deal directlyone-on-one, with the government, with the so-called facess bureaucrats, wn they have fes,ut sometimes, they are rather sullen faces, not lpful faces, basis that say no. for example, fresh in my md is the agency in washington where went recentl to get some mre cages put in his passport. they just blow itheir additionalages because there are too my stamps. that inotocket science. th does not require any special thing except some pages in the pace pot. i went over, andhey said i had toring my itirary because they wanted a hurry. i cannot turn my passport away for six weeks,o i went aw and got the inerary, which is alsoather sil because with computer, u could make an itinerary rather eily. they let me in, and i was given a number. have hadn lineand i got numb. they put me together with this mber and told me to go to another window, which i did, where the ma said he will hav
in islamabad whi claimed over 50 lives. his home has been a sancary for al-qaeda, a problem f britain andhe u.s.. he has focud on targets here home, bomng of pakistan cause backs the west. serity in islamabad is being stepped up for fierce his followers cld try to ke revenge. --or fears his followers could try to te revenge. he dlared war on his o country d people. they told us they do not believe he is dead. they haveeard at before. othe sayhey hve a sense of relief, not just for pakistan but for the world. >> we do not need these people in power. we are n lieving in wt he is doing. he isbsolutely bad for us and our nation. anher saidhat americawas bad, too, fo killing innocent cilians with drones. it was a drone which targete baitullahehsud, able to reach m in a remote terrain where troops could n. the mission s directed fro thousandsf miles away. the whi house is suggeing it was a job well done. >> if theeports of baitullah mehsud's death are crect, there no doubt theakistani people a safers a result of it. this is an individualhose title as mderous thug was welleserved. >> officials here
at the memorial. tanyahu used the ocsion to refer to lessons that should be learned om the holocaust. >> it does not hppen because the main civilized wer of the powers of the da did not a in time to stop therming of barbarism and armed barbarism knows now lits and has to be unarmed, disarmed in tie. >> reporter:etanyahu also said that he expected chancellor merk to take a strong stand against iran's clear ambitions. he id iran posed a drect threat to srael's security merkel said rmany is prared to take a tougher line with iran if that becomes nessary. translator: iran has been asked to participate in negotiations. if they failto respond to these requests, we will consider stronger sanctions in the ener sector and other appropriate sectors such as the financial seor. in fact, we will not merely consider this, we will discuss with the international communit how bestto implement these sanctions. >> rorter: merkel said netanyah should show more flexibility and t issue of settlements palestinian land. germanhas called on irael to op new constructn but israel has so far rejected demands for complete
>>> tonighon "worldfocus" -- >>> u.s. marines meet hey sistance as they try to gain control of a stregic talibaheld town in southern afghanistan. could this be a signf battles to come? >>> inaiwan, rescuers find more than a thousa people ale in the area around three villages buried beneh mudslidetriggered by last weekends typhoon. > we continue to look at the pact of climate change on remote lands. tonight, we're bk in nepal to see how a centurieold way of life is beg threatened. where did the glaciers go? >>> and xico's on going againsdrug cartels was a topic at this weeks north americ summit. tonight ou"signature story" focuses on one othe painful side effect of that figh the disappred. >>> from the world's leading reporters and anasts, here's at's happening from arnd the world. th is"worldfocus." madeossible in part by the following funders >>> good eveni. i'm martin savge. > united states marines went on the oensive today. launching a major new atck on a taliban strongho in the south ofhat country. hundreds of marines along th afghan troops went ie arr co dk r the cover
>>> tonight on "worldfocus-- >>> a u.s. military official says the situation in afghanistan is serious and getting woe. and 've got shocking images of taliban searchingfor people who voted in last ek's election. >>> kpautive greek firefiters battle arod the clock to coain massive wildfires north of athens. when flames threaten a monastery,eventhe ns joined e fight. >>> scotland continueto face unlentless criticism for its release of lockerbie bombing as scottish leaders deterne what donext. >>> and estonia, on a mber of the soviet bloc, nowart of natoit has joined the battle in afghastan. tonight, we look at that country's w role as american ally. >> from the world's leading reporters and analys, here's what's happeningrom around the world. this is "worldfocu" de possible in part by the following funders mar support has also been provided by the peter g. petersonoundation dedicated to promoting fiscal respoibility and addressing keyconomic challees facing america's future. od eveni, i'm martin sadge. >>> the wain afghanistan. d tonight we want to ta a deeper look at thatonfl
'know if anyone was ming for us." >> reporter: with the ly road into hsiao lin and sever other remote villages ill washed out,escue efforts have been painfullslowed. dical teams trying to get in on t ground have been forced to wait. wee been here hours now and so far escavators have madeittle no progress in clearing the road. it ri mains very mh a liquid rove o mudand the cnstant rain is makingatters worse. we'rnot getting through this engineer tells us. it may still take days. anso the government's answer, send soldiers in bair. thfirst group touched down in hsiao lin to scene of utter devastation. currently the tire village is buri says taiwan's deputy minister of defense, and whave t even started to look for t missing from nghboring villages. by late afternoon, hdreds of survivors habeen airlifted out of t region. but thousands re remain unaccoted for. at a neay high school, relaves of those missing waited to hearals. ese sisters last heard from their pants saturday. ey told us hsiao lin village was a dister and that they were going to be ecuated, then the phone ed. authorits say it will be day
of the matt is that for so many of use just needed someoneo hang on to. and teddy waslways there to hang on to. he h such a big heart and he shared tt heart with all of us. but teddy and patrick and kara we want to let you know that we unrstand how much you gav to allous to be caredfor. (applause) and yohad to share. you had to share. >> brown: again, the mar developments ofhe day: august became the deadest month for american trps in the eight- year afan war; a new report from the u.n.'s nucle watchdog found iran has notuspended its nucle activities. and californigovernor arnold schwarnegger declared a state of emergency for both nterey and los angeles couies after wildfires burned thousandof acres. on, an online- only feature tonit-- an "art bt" conversation i had with josh neufeld, ahor of the new graphic novel, "a.-- after the luge-- "four years after katrina flooded new orans." here's a srt excerpt. >> what i did in ad was ttell the stories of seven diffent people, real new orlns, actual livin breathing human beings who survived katrin it was something that wanted to do as c
in people, in ideas-- seeki, teaching, building. fueling growth around the wod move us all ahead. his is the power of human energy. chevron. iel. suppoing math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the william and fla hewlett foundaon, working to solve social and environmental problems at home andround the world. and with the ongng support of these institutions and foundions. d... this program was ma possible by e corporation for public broadcasting. and by contritions to your pbs statiofrom viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: aotorcade carrying the body of senator eard kennedtraveled a 70-mile route from cape c to boston, massachetts today. theearse passed mourners who gathered to pay tribute tohe man who served their sta for 46 years. "newshour" correspondent kwme holman has our lead story report. >> rorter: family and friends gathered athe kennedy compound in hyannis port is morning for the binning of the formal farewell to nator edward kennedy the senate in died there tuesday night after a year-ng bale with brain cancer, only onof his eight siblings survis. fter a pr
us all ahead. this is t power of human energy. chevron. tel. the national ience foundation. supporting education and research across all fids of science anengineering. and with the ongoi support of thesinstitutions and undations. and... this proam was made possible by theorporation for public badcasting. anby contributions to your pbs station from views like you. thanyou. >> ifill: iras rulers faced wn new evidence of discontt today, as aass trial of opsition figures got under way. e accused were arrested in the aftermath of june's disputed psidential election. the declared nner of that vote, president mmoud ahmadinejad, was rmally endoed today by iran's supreme leader. marget warner has our lead story. >> warner: the trial of 10 peop accused of post-election violce began on saturday in tehran. but today, the wife of one former vice president hammad abtahi, chargedis televised+ confession had been coerced abtahi alled opposition leaders conspired to misrepresent the electi results as frdulent. >> ( translated ): the slogan of eating was a slogan that immediely came up afte
rld news." >> an historic meetg between former u.s. predent bill clton andorth korea's kim jong-il. and reportsay two jaile amican joualists have been freed. australian policeelief they have foileda major terrost pl. fouruspects acce of links with somali extremist. >> a won goes ontrial accused of dressing indi ently. she wore trours in a restaunt. welcome to "bbc world news broadcast to our viewers on pbs in ameri and around the gle. coming up late whatind of policingo you call this? a new human rights report says too many of india place are abusive and filing at thei job. hollywood actss takes send moo on e rd. >> cinema is for everybody and everhere. we are knowing how few opportunits there are for people realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist ate with nucar ambitis which has be playing fast and lse th the rest of the wld. today they have been pying ho to bilclinton, the most senior visitor in a dade. he metnorth korean leader, kim jong-il and secured a rdon for the journalist aested. we have this report from waington. >> bill inton arrived in
'deen freed. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, weaw stding before us president bi clinton. >> donald kirk is a correspondent for the christian scnce monitor. he's spent t past 12 years based in south korea >> caller: i tnk it's a big deal in t sense that it says so korean relations. the fact that kim jong-i w ad to recei a high-profile american visitor in the fm of bill clint was certaly interesting. there's hope th perhaps it'll be possible to resume negotiations on one level or another. outside of the united states, reaction was mixed. in nairi at a coference of afrin leaders, secretary of state hillary clton told reporters, she was exced by the news. nonetheless, she reiterated america's hard line regding north korea's nuclear program. >> they have a choice. they can continue to follow a path that is filled with provocative actio, or they can decide toenew thr discussions. >>n south korea, reactn to thnews of the releasef lee and ling was noticeably subdued. north korea currently detained several hundd south koreans. so of whom accidentally styed in
evening, everyone. an unwelcome surise for the u.s. ecomy today, as more americans filed for jobls benefits. the numberf claims jumped by 15,000 to a seasonal adjusted 576,000. mostconomists had expected a drop. the report raises questions about the econic outlook and thstrength of the recovery. >> susie: while thos employment claims rose last week, not every ouof-work person ieligible to receive benefits. as sphanie dhue explains, there are ny categories of who can and cannot get financial help. >> thank you. >> reporter:ut of work since june, james phillips is w watchingis sister's kids to lp make ends meet. after working for a churchor o years, he found he wasn't eligible f unemployment benefits, en though he had worked in thprivate sector for almost 2years. >> the last two years, chose to work for a church-- didn' painto it, now i don't have it when i need it t most, and that's kind of dappointing morehan anything. >> reporter: pllips is feverily hunting for a job. he's alscutting his budget, and dipping into savin. he's not alone. currently, 56% of thjobless arnot collecting o
growth in the u.s. appr to be "good," and those comments triggered stock market ral. speaking at a conference i jackson ho, wyoming, the federareserve chairman gave a more upbeat forecast compad to the fed'statement last week after a central bank polic meetg. but bernankelso warned of "ctical challenges". specifically, bernankeaid financial firms face "significant losses,businesses and coumers are experiencing difficulty in geing credit, the economic recovery will b "relatively slow," ande expects gradual recovery in employment. bernanke defended the actis takeby the fed during the financial cris, saying they averd an "imminent collapse" of the financial sysm. joining us nowith more analysisrobert mcteer, former present of the federal reserve bank of dall and currently distinguished fellow at e tional center for policy analysis. nice to see you the program agai >> thank you, susie, good to be with you. >> susie: is ben bernanke right about the economic outlook? >> well, i hope so. and probabl i thk there's a good chance we'll get a positive g.d. number for the current quarter
circul to troops on july 2. he said t taliban cannot defeat us. we can defeat ourselves in other words, the military sgesting it will be a long haul with no guarantees. >> ye i think we will have success. i fuy agree weave to stay committein aghanistan as long as it takes to pvail. >> ders fogh rasmussen there. an entire town in china is in quarantine. a cond person hadied from mnemonic pgue. the town has a population of 1000. apart from t twodead, anotr 10 people a infected. the world health orgization says the do feel tt the chinese authities are taking apprriate measures. part of an overhaul of the legal system in japan has been broached. six locals have been selected at random to work with three judg on a murder tal. up to 100,000 people have lined the streets of mila to watc the funeral of former present. she led a popular urising against ferdinand marc. she diedf ccer at the age of 76. the banks have been blamed for helping to cause theworldwide recession, and now the are beg cticized for making money out of it, too. barclays a h.b.c. each made half aillion pounds inhe firs half
consistent with the idea at the economy is improving slowly. which brings us tohe second answer: bo traders are antipating higher rates as soon as the fourthuarter. but bob bruscaf fact and opinion economics says we wi not read that e fed believes the crisiss over. >> once the fed go for business as ual, then it needs to start takg out the excess reserves, getting tes back up into more neutral framework, d that's where i don't think we are y. as to thfinal question, the future of thchairman who has taken lot of political heat in recent months inashington. wall strt will get no information whatsoever ithe fed atement, and be left guessing as to his reappointnt chances. >> it's certainly being taed about, and i think ie seen polls this. and the vast majority of economists support bnanke being re-aointed, and i rtainly agree with that. >> the easiest decision th obama has is re-pointing rnanke. other decisis will expose him to much moreisk than he needs toeal with. and frankly, hs got enough toh decisions to wade into than this one, ts one is easy. >> reporter: it's ha to find anybody on wall
ted kennedy in the u.s. sete. tonight, i am pleed to be join by congressman john lewis, a civirights pioneer and longtime georg ngressman to knew a worked th senator kennedy for many years. congressman lewis, ne to have youon the program, sir. >> am delighted and pase to be with u tonight. tavis: it i suc an hon to have you won i wanted to have you won for a umber of reaso, not the least of which was your numr of years working th senator kennedy and with dr. king. also wanted to have you want becau youere the recipient of the john f. kennedy prole inourage litime achievement ard presented to you in 2001, by senor kennedy. take meack to thetime that senato kennedy bestow that prestigious award on you, sir. >> i wi never fget the occasion when senator kendy along th his knees, caroline kennedy, preseed me withe kennedy profile in courage lifetime achievemt award. it was a woerful evening. he was very happy and ver pleased presenting made the award. i have known senator kennedy for years. i got to know his two brothers, president kennedy and robert kenny. to spend that time with him and
is helping rebuild the city. we are glad that yojoined us. t our book at new orlns four years aer katrincoming out. -- o look at orleans four years aer katrina comingup. >> there areo many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping peopleive better. but mostly, we'reelping build stroer communities and relationships. wi your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance prouy supports "tavismiley." tavis and nationwide, working together to impre financial teracy and the enomic emwerment that comes with it. >> ♪ nationwe is on your si ♪ >> and by conibutions to your pbs station from vwers like you. thank you. [captioni made possible by kcet public televisi] tavis: douglasbrinkley is a noted historian and best-selling author who look at hurricane katrina calledthe great deluge." his ne book is called "the wildness warrior." he joi us tnight from houston. nice to haveou on the program. >>always great to be on your ow, tavis. vis: let mestart by asking you about tedkennedy. you are aistorian of note and there have already been number of books written o
and that comes down the fac that all of us value and appreciatehe wonderful thgs that technology can do and i think the predent through his leadership has recommended me programs that help infortion thnology, prevention and wellness and tt refo and oth things that can slow down the rat of increase. if we slow down the incase in costhealth insurance will be more affdable for everye. >> prior to the goverent getting inlved, eier through more regulation, which a lot of folk in washingto have been against or b offering a plic option, take either one othose issues if prior to govnment getting volved in one of those two ways, y all, sayhe industry, couldn't gure how to t these costs down, why does e industry come and say we can get the costs down witut governnt getting involved. >> it is not a matter of getting thecosts down. we believe tt is absolutel essential for affordability but theroposals that aetna made going back to 200 is elimining the use of pre-exisng conditions. an individual's medical stats as a bas to be issued insance. in order to eliminate that we have to have everyone in the insur
will not vote and many o us will n vot for a final use-a senate compromise without a public oion. >> this ek on "inside washinon,"ow trouble from the left on health care. is the public optionead? mnwhile, the congenial debate continues. >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy, as obama s expressed suppo this policy >> on wha planet do youpend most of ur time? >> also, afghans risked their lives to vote. as terrorist mbings escalate in iraq, thmaliki government chooses not to ask for arican lp. the nation lose t legendary newsmen, rertovak and don witt. >> the secret is to find people who could tell the sto better thanou can. captioneby the nation captioning institute >> i am looking for somebody who can tell me of theublic option inresident obama's health plan is still viab. decratic senator kent conrad says not in thsenate. >> look, the fact the matter that there are n the votes in the united states senate for the public option, they're never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit i think it's just a wasted effort >> after sayinthat the rabbit woulprobabl
>>> tonight onworldfocus" -- >>> israeli prime minist benjamin netanyahu and u.s. special envoy orge mitchel meet to try to solve thehorny ise of jewish settlements in the west bank. can they find commonround? >>> om those trying to broker a peace to stockbrokerhoping to cash on it. tonight, we ta you to the paleinian stock exchange. it may be onof the world's smlest but the dreams are big. >>> the wake of the world's economic mtdown, we have a special "howhey see it" report from britain's itn wch estions one of the basic principa of american economics. >>> and the wod pays tribute tohe passing of senator edward kennedy. >>rom the world's leading porters and analysts, here's what's hpening from around the world. thiss "worldfocus." made possible in part byhe following fuers -- majosupport has also been provided by the peter g. peterson foundatn dedicated to promoting fiscal respoibility and addressing key econoc challenges facing america's ture. >>> goodvening. i'm martin savid. >>the quest for peace in the middle east has been gng on for gerations now, and it never seems to g
reading us d a lot of mail fr them and hear back from a lot of em. >> okay. just sayinonce in a while, well actually youhad pj o'rourkin the '80s there was a conservave guy had some greatrticles. >> ihink coervatives like to read us to disagree wih us. >> that right. just like wi "the new yk times", i buy two copies, one toead and one to burn in my backyardfter i finish reading it. >> rose: before h broke into television, joe scarborgh was a republican cgressman from florida from 1994 to001. he recently mappeout a comeback strateg not for himselbut for the gop. the book iscalled the lt st hope resting coervatism and america'sha amased to have m back at this tle. welce. >> sorry you had to bring e. >> i joy hearing the stories out the ball gi la time here. (laughter) >> rose: w are you differt today? >> you kw, i think -- i think i know now in 2009 what i dn't know in 1995. > rose: i hope so. >> and ironically, i'm counselling my liberal democratic friends, sang just relax. you know, ihought 1995 en we conservatives took over coness, we owned the world. that w could pass atever we want
, tching, building. fueling growth ound the world toove us all ahead. this ithe power of human energy. chevron. intel. suprting math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the atlantic philanthrops. d with the ongoing support o these institutio and foundations. and... this program wamade possible by the corporatn for public brocasting. and by contributions to ur pbs station fr viewers like you. thank you >> ifill: thsecurity situation in afghanistan deteriorat today after a suicide attackn kabul killed at least ght people and injured 55 mor earlier, the presideial palace was damed in a round of mortar attacks. john raof independent televion news begins our lead story coverage. >> rorter: no matter w often it haens, it nver÷ becomes routine. bul today in a thick plume of smok rise z on the skyli. a suicide bomb hu in size, attacked on aar, detonated a coalition convoy pass by. the walki wounded were led away, but id the wreckage many bad and badly injured. thetaliban claimed responsibilitfor their message so theyan pick and choose their targets at will. the attac happened wi
before us, president bill clinn. [applause >> he g what he wanted, but can he govern a dividedation? president ahmejad is sworn in. throwingstes -- palestinians say they have been abused in custody of israeli soldrs. welcome. we are broadcast on pbs in america. coming up later for you --n unlikely savior for the humble hoybee. in the lasplace you might thi of. picte perfect pass. we take a look. -- picre-perfect pets. ello to you. ter the surise, tears, and giers, the speculation. how will north korea's sudden releas of two journalists at e behest of former preside bill clinton affect e retionship of the o countries? laura lg a euna lee are now backn calornia. president clinton will be briefing president obaman his meeting with kim jong il. from washington,ur correspondt. >> t plane touchedown in california. [applause] the t journalists, laura ling and euna lee rescu from the prospect of 12 yes in a north korean lab camp. she had not seen her moer since t arrest on the chinese- nortkorean border in march. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked throh the doors, we saw and
the elections. many residents doubt it will be fe enough to vote. but u.s. forces and the government are determined ensure polling stationsre open. >> it will be eleion here and may modest, but you kow so far as i'm concerned if one person comes out to vote then that's enough suck jes afghan and eltion observers say there is enough chance elections will be freelyand fair. therecarious situation means it will be impossie to have observerat every pollg stion. >> many americans might not realize is that afghanistan's actually a colleion of many ethn groups. the tw biggest beg the park tonsnd the tajiks. not surprisingly, in afghanisn, as in many places around the world, ny people are excted to vote along ethnic lines. and as thursday's elecon proaches, the leading candidatesre doing all they can to turn t their vote with the help of tribal eers. we wanted go into greater detail about this importanand undeeported aspect of the election. so we chose this rept comes from zei khodr of al jazeera english. >> reporter: it's the tribes o hold sway in the park ton tribal vote. tribal elders w
reform; a look at a report onow budget constrats may ground u.s. manned space flight; a rare inside view of the taliban as americanilitary operatio expand in afghantan; the analys of mark shields and david brooks; and excerp from an 11-year-old reporter's wite house interview with president obama. major fundi for the nshour with jim lrer is provided by: >> what the worlneeds now is enery. the energy to get theconomy humming ain. the energy to tacklchallenges like clate change. what is that energy came fm an2ç enrgy company? everyday, chevron insts $62 million in people, in idea- seeking, teaching, building fueling growth around the wld to move us a ahead. this is the power of han energy. chevron. intel. supporting math and scien ucation for tomorrow's innovators. the atntic philanthropies. and with the ongoing supporof the institutions and fondations. and... this progm was made possible by the corporaon for public brdcasting. and by contributions your pbs statiofrom viewers like you. thanyou. >> talk of the receson ran into n doubts today. a new survey found cnsumer sentimenfell in ear
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